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Wireless Bridge


UP-200/UP-300 are equipment for wireless data transmission that allow us to freely move large size files such as images, documents and pictures. Due to its simple configuration, it is easy to build data network even in geographically isolated areas. The equipment transmits HD quality video on real-time basis. And it is also competitive in that installation and maintenance cost.


A company which gains the faith and trust from customers! A company where all employees work with excitement! That is the value our company, Seyoung Information &Telecommunication, regard as the most important factor. Seyoung I & T is originated from the network business division of Samsung Electronics in December 1998. With basic technology of exchanger repairing, since the foundation of the company, Seyoung I & T has been specialized in repairing wire-wireless device and terminal equipment for manufacturers in Korea and abroad, including high-speed handsets and CDMA base station. Through these equipment repair and maintenance experience, Seyoung I & T has accumulated hardware and software technologies. Consequently, based on these high technologies, Seyoung I & T are actively developing products such as short-distance two-way wireless communication device so is called, WiWi and IP-based multimedia communication solutions. Seyoung I & T actively responds to our customers’ needs and future changes through organized innovation, such as establishing a reliable quality management system, cultivating skilled technical manpower, and operating flexible business. And we could also manage to rapidly changing electronic communication technology. As a result, customers will satisfied with our business.