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Digital Wireless Audio Solution WiWi (SH-320)

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  I know it is quite too long to read whole contents below, well let me explain what our product is simply. Our product WiWi, also known as SH-320, is a headset which makes people can not only listen to but also talk to each other.(kind of tour guide system) With other tour guide system, people could only listen to but they were not able to talk.

  Our product is using Radio Frequency so there is no need to set up any software, all you need to do is just connect earset to SH-320. and Voila! It will works.

  For further information, please read more below or contact me. I will be very pleased to give you a reply as soon as possible.


Mr Shin Moo Kwan (Staff in Sales Department)

+82-54-463-2300 (Ext.7001)


What is WiWi?

The new WiWi digital spread spectrum(DSS) wireless audio solution is the first portable 2-way simultaneous audio communication solution using 2.4GHz RF(Radio Frequency) Band. WiWi provides various, high-quality and robust audio communication services over safely secured wireless personal area network.

WiWi solution has two types of devices as its members, headset type transceiver(SH-320) and dongle type transceiver(UD-110), both small, lightweight, and simple to set up and use. Depending on purpose of the service, either headset type transceiver or dongle type transceiver can be optional. Both devices can support 4 different RF channels.



SH-320 operates in 2 modes, Master mode and Slave mode. In Master mode, SH-320 transmits and receives audio data simultaneously, In Slave mode, SH-320 basically receives audio data and can transmit at the same time when it earns right to talk by user’s pressing its talk button.


Features (SH-320)

  • Operates in 2 modes ( Master / Slave )
  • 4 Channel operation supported
  • 2-way simultaneous audio/voice communication with other SH-320 or UD-110 ( in USB mode )
  • Small and light weight ( about 36.5g )
  • Volume up/down button and talk button
  • 2.5mm audio jack for headset
  • Long life battery & USB charging interface


Specifications (SH-320)



Service Coverage

Indoors : ~30[m](L.O.S)

Outdoors : ~100[m](L.O.S)

Maximum data rate


Operation time

Max 13[hour](in Slave mode)

Max 9[hour](in Master mode)

Charging time


Battery type


Power requirement

5V DC-800mA



Dimension (W x H x D)

65 X 32 X 22mm

*Service coverage and operation time depend on the surrounding circumstances.



  • Industrial fields(Factories and Offices)
  • Army, fire stations, police stations and other places where high-security communication is needed
  • Academic places including schools
  • Tour guide system
  • Wireless conference system
  • Wireless portable simultaneous interpretation system
  • VoIP & Binary-CDMA based emergency calling system


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